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My first ‘real’ effort at Pumpkin Carving

By Howard Sanders • October 29th, 2010
Haloween Pumpkin by Howard Sanders,Pender Island


This year I decided our Halloween pumpkin (usually two triangles and a crooked hole) needed a bit of a makeover. So I bought some $5 carving tools, paid $2 to download a cool “Nosferatu” pattern from, and cleared the counter tops as I had a feeling it would be messy.

Forty minutes later I had a pumpkin that, to my immense astonishment, actually looked like the creepy Romanian Count Orlok from the best vampire film ever made.

The 1922 classic “Nosferatu” is the real deal. Yes, its in black and white, and yes, it’s silent, but I defy you to watch this alone in the dark. I write ghost stories as a hobby and this film, in my humble opinion, is a work of horror genius. Twilight, phsaw!

So sit back, turn down the lights, and enjoy the full version of………Nosferatu


NICE!!!! Miss seeing ya!

Thanks Vanessa…have a Happy Halloween and hope to see you soon too.


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