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New Website features # 1 – THE INTERACTIVE MAP

By Howard Sanders • May 14th, 2010

By now I hope most of you have had a chance to browse through my new website and see what’s on offer. The next few blogs are going to be about the new features I have added and how to best use the site to learn about Pender and also find the perfect property on our beautiful island. I operate in a very specific market so  wanted my website to reflect this. I want prospective buyers  to learn about Pender Island first, to see if this would be a community they may like to join or buy into, before deciding on the perfect property. So this first blog post will look at:

The Interactive Map – Google mapping technology is both amazing and extremely useful. Luckily for Pender, we have a high resolution image of about 90% of both North and South islands, so you can really see the detail. To start with, the whole site is best viewed in the Firefox browser. Firefox is by far the best and most secure browser anyway, but the site will work well in IE or Safari too.

Open the Interactive Map and it will load in a new page. I made it nice and big for easy viewing. Please wait for the colourful icons to load as well. Once finished, you will have a detailed satellite image with the roads marked and the icons showing points of interest. In the top right hand corner of the map are 4 smaller buttons;

1)      Map – this removes the satellite image but keeps the road, icons, and the low detailed map. Useful for a quick reference.

2)      Sat – stands for satellite. This is the default view for the map when first opened.

3)      Terrain – This is a great feature that provides a 3D representation of the contours of the island. This allows you to see if a property you are interested in is on a hill, in a valley, or mostly on the flat.

4)      Earth – By far the best way of viewing the map. Click on Earth and a 3D Google Earth image will begin to load. Wait for this to finish loading. Now the map slants at a 45 degree angle and is draped over the contour model of the island. It’s just like looking at Pender from an airplane.

Interactive Map of Pender Island

You can navigate the first 3 maps by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to zoom in and out and the directional arrows to move left and right and up and down, although better way to move in these four directions is just to click and drag the map around, it’s easier and more fun. On the Earth view, the best way to view is to click and drag the map as before, but this time use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Now you have full control of the map from just the mouse. Try it, it’s a lot of fun.

Icons – Each of the icons represent a feature, viewpoint, photo op, public beach access, and any other useful island feature I can think of. I’m trying to be selective as you could clutter the map easily. I haven’t placed my real estate listings for example, they are on a separate map for clarity (see under the MLS listings tab for the ‘Map of my Listings’).  Each icon is clickable and I’m in the process of adding links, pictures, and video to these icons.  When this process is finished  you will have a multi-media Virtual Tour of Pender Island all from this one map and controllable with just a mouse.

So that’s it, I hope you all have fun with the Pender Island Interactive Map and if you have any comments for improvements on this or about homesonpender in general, I’d love to hear from you.


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