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HD Video of Hope Bay, Pender Island

Here’s a short video of HOPE BAY —  the most beautiful commercial centre on Pender Island and the home of Dockside Realty. It was a beautiful foggy morning at about 8.30 a. m. and nobody was around at the time. Just sublime.

HD Video of Medicine Beach, Pender Island

Here is the second HD video tour of Pender Island.
This highlights Medicine Beach, a publically accessible waterfront within walking distance of Medicine Beach Market, that is perfect for walking, relaxing and launching small craft.

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New! HD Videos of Pender Island hotspots

I always say that before I can sell a home on Pender I first have to sell the island. It’s an important part in all my buyer’s decision to purchase property here, and I make sure that I give them the grand tour and take them to the places I love as well as just […]

New Website features # 1 – THE INTERACTIVE MAP

By now I hope most of you have had a chance to browse through my new website and see what’s on offer. The next few blogs are going to be about the new features I have added and how to best use the site to learn about Pender and also find the perfect property on […]

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